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The Coach House way

The biggest difference between Coach House Homes, and other Contractors, is the approach we take to present and explore your project, together. Unlike other contractors, we will explain and educate you on all f your project costs, in an open book approach and in a true partnership fashion.  This allows Coach House to be open, honest and to assist you in making decisions that make the most sense for you, your family and your budget. 

 STEP ONE- We will provide you a preliminary proposal for what we believe the potential cost of your project will be based on a few optional designs and ideas.

 STEP TWO- Once we secure the desired design, Coach House becomes your personal Construction Agent and will competitively bid your project to various trusted trade contractors and present a firm project  cost. 

STEP THREE- Final details and selections are made to keep the project in budget. A final contract is written. 

STEP FOUR- Coach House builds your project and manages over your project to ensure the project stays on time and within budget.

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