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Finally there is a bridge between "Contractor Talk" and Home Owners. Coach House Homes brings their passion for home remodeling and custom homes, always making sure to listen to what the home owner is asking for and representing the best interest of their clients through out the construction process. 

Call to find out if Coach House can Coach you in your Home Project. 


What is Coach House?

Coach House brings expertise to all of your construction and design related questions. How much will this cost? Is this design possible? How can I trust I am getting the best price for my needs? 

Whether you are looking to build a custom home or remodeling your existing house, Coach House is where you turn for all of your construction needs. We are that bridge between design and construction. If you are still searching for a design, or you have contracted with a designer already, Coach House can come on board as your trusted construction consultant and refer you to our preferred Architects and Designers, while retaining Coach House as your General Contractor and  House Coach. 

 Coach House acts as your trusted construction agent, by educating and guiding you through the costs that are driving your project's overall budget. Once we have explored and decided on all the details of your project, Coach House will general contract and manage the construction of your project, in a transparent and open book approach.  

We are your House Coach. We are Coach House Homes.

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